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Captivity and Interrogation Erotica

“Sit down and don’t speak unless I say. Do you understand?” That is what I heard, at the beginning of our first session. I sat and stared silently, nodding and unsure if I should verbally say I understood or if the interrogation femdom standing before me would see that as speaking without permission. My hesitation in that moment got me punished later. Continue reading Interrogated by a Femdom.

You know I get asked this often, usually by the men I bring here. They say that one word a lot , “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” It’s usually followed by other words, but those change, the why is always what they want to know though. And I smile and answer, sometimes seriously, sometimes with whatever response I feel like giving at the time. Though really my favorite answer is “Why did you come home with me?” Read more about My Reasons for Capturing Men.

I must have passed out because I woke up to complete darkness. I realized that I had moved or been moved to another part of the same house. I could hear the muffled baseline of “Run like Hell” as if from a great distance. The basement? Maybe. I also realized that I was lying on a bed completely naked. Continue reading Tied up and Screaming with Pleasure.

The darkness was absolute. I felt hands reach out of the blackness and grab my hands and slip the handcuffs on. “Don’t worry,” the sexy voice whispered in my ear, “these are for me to be able to find you easily in the dark. I won’t hurt you unless you disobey me.” Then she asked me for a safe word. Continue reading Hands in the Dark.

So again, she smiled. I approached. We talked for a bit and she said she was exhausted then invited me over for a drink. At this point, I’m thinking that she’s decided she should make nice with the new boss right from the start and my cock is picturing itself in her mouth before the end of the evening. So, I agreed. No, at the time, it never occurred to me that I was potentially walking into a dangerous situation. Continue reading Stolen Job Revenge Leads to Captivity.

When you think of captivity, who you are and your life experiences make that word mean different things to you. As we are talking about erotic captivity, not the illegal, cruel, get you thrown in jail time, I’m hoping it makes you think of a naughty fantasy you share only with your Mistress or maybe even one you haven’t shared yet at all, because it seems so extreme to you. Erotic captivity or capture fantasies are as varied as the people who love and engage in them. Continue reading Types of Captivity.

Being captured by a beautiful woman is the single most exciting thing I can think of, honestly. We all have that in common, but some things, besides the basic role play fantasy do differ. Namely the way we like to be captured or like to talk with our Mistress about being captured. Continue reading Ways to be Captured.

Here at Captivity Hell we know that you LOVE love love to be made into one of our slaves. Be it a hardcore slave on his knees in chains or a sensual slave on his knees in emotional bondage, either way, you are captured and have no control of your own. You know you deserve it, but why do you love it? Why do you need it? We have asked and here are the Top Five Reasons You Love Captivity.

Working late at night, you thought you were all alone, didn’t you? You didn’t expect anyone to be watching your office light, or watching you work through the night. And you consider yourself a smart man, working on that secret device for the government. I don’t care what it does, I don’t care how much work you’ve put into it. I WANT it. And I want to have a little fun along the way. Continue reading The Spy Who Caught You.

Once upon a time (but this isn’t a Fairy Tale) there was a man who thought he was above being tricked by a woman. He saw himself as incredibly intelligent and said brilliant things to his friends about his prowess with women. He told them how he was able to get any woman he set his sights on. Continue reading Men are Easy to Capture.

It all started about six months ago when I responded to an add for a personal assistant. She opened the door, her voice soft and deep, her red hair and lips like flames and I knew this was no ordinary woman. I soon found out that she was a dominatrix and she was looking not just for an assistant but someone who would be interested in being a Domme like she was. Continue reading Captivity Mistress in Training.

When I got you back to my basement, I got my friend and partner to help me move you in. We laid you on a very comfortable bed and secured your arms and legs to the bed posts with velvet covered handcuffs. We also totally undressed you, discussing the fact that you were a good choice for a test subject. Our experiment was not meant to harm or frighten. Our experiment was meant to prove that sexual pleasure can be derived under any circumstances. Continue reading Unorthodox Experiment.

People always go out of their way to warn women about dating safety. They tell them all kinds of ways to make sure the guy she’s with isn’t a psycho. They say to be careful about what they drink and how much. But you rarely hear any of the same advice given to men going on those same dates. So what does a guy do on a date if the girl gets all controlling and kinky? Read all about it in Date with Captivity Hell.

I once had this really hot Physics Professor at the university I attended. She was a tall woman in her mid-thirties with curly, strawberry blonde hair that reached her mid back. I was 20 at the time I took her class and I just thought she was beautiful. I would sit in the back of class and fantasize about having sex with her across her desk. Read all about it in Hot for Teacher.

I’m always in control in my life and I know that I’d never willingly give that up. I would though. Especially when I’m hard and excited but my fetish is to have that choice taken away from me. Continue reading Progression of Fantasy.

I thought it would be fun to have a Cum as You Are party with a twist for my slaves. First, I wanted it to be fun, so I chose the slaves I was going to have grabbed carefully. I had no intention of scaring anyone, but I wanted to use the ones who had a sense of humor about things. Then I went about making the necessary arrangements. Continue reading Cum as You are Party.

I have heard all the stories about drinking and swimming. I was drunk, but too happy about the new woman I had met to be concerned for my safety. Besides, there were at least 100 people around the pool that night. Continue reading Pool Party Captive.

My greatest fantasy is to have a woman, a Mistress, capture me and keep me as her own. I love the thought of someone wanting me with them so much that they would be willing to go to any lengths to make sure that they had me. I know this sounds a little crazy to some of you. Continue reading about it in Why I Like to be Captured.

I got one of them to sit down with me and answer a few questions for you about what it means to be a Captivity Hell Mistress. Why she loves it and what is the most annoying part about it! She may have even given away some secrets about how she captures men and what her favorite things are, so continue reading Interview with a Capture and Keep Mistress.

This is where all your captivity dreams and yes, even your nightmares, can come true. When you wake up in that dark room, tied to a bed or strapped to a table, you know you are a captive. Here our gorgeous Mistresses, who are well versed in the all matter of domination and erotic torment, will make you theirs and do whatever they like with you. There are a few things that are expected of you, the slave, so we’ve put together this Captivity Hell Beginner’s Guide to help you.

We are Mistresses-in-Training and our Mistress has sent us on a mission. This is our first real mission for her and both of us are so excited! We’re Trolling for a New Toy to Capture.