Progression of a Capture Fantasy


My capture fantasy didn’t start out as exactly that, it just sort of evolved. One thing led to another, and now, here I am.

I’m always in control in my life and I know that I’d never willingly give that up. I would though. Especially when I’m hard and excited but my fetish is to have that choice taken away from me. If you don’t have the same fetish than you are right now thinking that I sound really crazy and that’s okay! I’ve gotten that reaction before.

The first time my college roommate and I were talking about wild sex we wanted to try and I said I wanted to be kidnapped by a strange woman, tied up and used as she pleased, I knew this wasn’t a desire everyone had. First he laughed and then he stopped and told me that was scary and I was nuts and there was nothing hot about being kidnapped. Didn’t matter to me though, the thought of being a captive makes me crazy.


Capture Fantasy: My Crazy Life


After college I went through a period in my life when I was very in to self discovery and exploring my darker side. My parents and friends called it my “destructive” phase, but I prefer to think of it as my time when I was very free with everything. I didn’t have to worry about what anyone thought, I did things like hitchhike and avoid work and have relationships what were never meant to last.

The thing no one knew was that while doing all this, I had this fantasy in my head. I don’t know where I got it from, but it was intense and I wanted it to happen so badly I probably put myself in some really questionable situations. I would imagine myself walking down the road, a van driven by a hot woman pulling up and offering me a ride. I’d climb in and she’d drug me, (sometimes there were three women who would just jump out and pull me in) and drive me to her secluded house where she (or they as the case may be) would use me for wild sex parties and experiments.

This never happened and it’s probably for the best, since in reality that wouldn’t be safe or probably all that sexy. However because it never happened it remained and remains my most intense fantasy of being captured. The desire to have my choices taken away gets me so hard that nothing else matters.

However, I now know that because of this desire I need to play only with someone who will pay attention to my safety and not take advantage of the fact that I’d happily ride off with a stranger to parts unknown. Now I have a job and life that matters to me, but when I am lost in that capture fantasy it doesn’t matter who or what I own and control, I just want to be taken.


Meeting My Captivity Mistress


That’s why I have a Capture Fantasy Mistress now. We met by chance really, which for me just makes it more exciting. I was in the elevator leaving work and she was behind me, it was crowded and I wasn’t paying attention my mind elsewhere when I heard a soft husky voice behind me say, “…and then I’ll capture you…”

What she said before or after is lost on me, my whole body tensed, tuning in to her behind me and I had to force myself not to spin around. She was clearly on the phone and talking softly. No one else seemed to hear. As the elevator emptied out, I allowed myself to turn and looking into her green eyes.

She had long dark hair and red lipstick. Her black dress was fitted and modest but with her body, it still looked incredibly sexy. She smiled a little and I knew then that she saw in me what no one else did. The need.

She has been my Mistress since that day. I followed her from the elevator and instead of thinking I was stalking her, she asked me if I was ready to begin. It was the most amazing moment of my life and all I could do was nod. She took me to her home and stripped me naked, tying me to the bed and announcing that she had other errands to run but would return.

This wasn’t how the capture fantasy in my mind went and I started to protest. But she only said “the room is soundproof” and left anyway, closing the door. At first I cursed myself for my stupidity and then I started to really feel like I had been captured. I imagined it again and my cock got harder and harder.

By the time she returned I was ready to agree to anything and told her so. That’s when we talked about limits and boundaries and she explained to me that I needed someone to set some for me, since my cock was out of my control and needed to be handled by a professional.

Since then, I can’t think of a single thing we haven’t tried, but slowly and always within the limits she has set. Limits that bend and move but never get run over. I love how my capture fantasy has evolved and being captured and with the help of my Captivity Mistress I now can be.