Beginners Guide to Captivity Hell


Welcome to Captivity Hell, it doesn’t matter if you stumbled in completely on accident and have no idea what you are in for (but it looks hot) or if you specifically searched for us, painstakingly choosing which site check out and coming here because we are the best.

This is where all your captivity dreams and yes, even your nightmares, can come true. When you wake up in that dark room, tied to a bed or strapped to a table, you know you are a captive. Here our gorgeous Mistresses, who are well versed in the all matter of domination and erotic torment, will make you theirs and do whatever they like with you.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure though. Is this your first time? Did you slip in and think maybe you could just watch and not play along? Oh no, it doesn’t work like that, but we do know that everything has a learning curve and for you beginners we’ve put together a little guide to help you along the road to captivity. Of course, this is supplied by the very women who will capture and keep you, so follow the instructions at your own risk.


Be Prepared for This Captivity Fantasy


First of all, this captivity is all in fantasy. We aren’t going to show up at your house in drag you away, though we are happy to let you believe we will. Instead, we are experts in role play fantasy and fetish, erotic storytellers who can take you on a journey with your mind that makes your body react.

We will meet you in a dark and smoky bar, let you believe you are safe with us and then lead you to our dungeon where you’ll find yourself part of our naughty experiments with men and sex and toys and all manner of things. We can’t even promise we’ll let you go, but we do guarantee you will enjoy every moment of it, even if you don’t want to admit that!

Come prepared. If you are in love with the idea of a woman exacting revenge on you for taking her job or cheating on her, tell us. Maybe what you really want is to be surprised. It’s possible to do. We are very creative after all, but fantasy requires you playing along. A strange woman at a club or with a flat tire.

You stop to help and wake up in her lab, maybe she kisses you with poisonous lip gloss or instead of needing you for an experiment she is just bored of the man toy she has and wants a new one. Regardless of what sounds most exciting to you, one of our amazing ladies can do it, but not if you don’t tell us.

And if you really do want us to decide, well be warned, we love what we do! So, there are no promises that what we decide will be what you want most, but hey, you wouldn’t have a choice if you were captured would you!


Limits and Boundaries with Man Toys


Next in the beginner’s guide, I want to warn you about the fine line between dangerous erotic fun that can seem a little scary and someone going too far. We know our limits but we don’t know yours so if you have something you just aren’t interested in, tell us. We will take it into consideration.

Of course, you are being captured so if we just have to push your limits we will, but rest assured you aren’t going to be killed or permanently maimed or damaged in some other way! Like I said, we have our own limits and boundaries that we won’t cross, so if you really like to play on the dark side, let your Mistress know and we can discuss just where those limits are so you aren’t disappointed and neither are we. Nothing sucks more than planning to use your sexy pink violet wand on someone and finding out AFTER you are all excited that they draw the line at being zapped like a bug.

Do you feel a little bit more informed now? Oh you don’t think we really told you much of anything? Hmmm…well this is just a guide after all. You can’t expect to know all our secrets! We like to be mysterious and while you can find out our personalities and even get a sense of our style and voice here on the site, we don’t want to give away everything.

Personally, I find the look of surprise on your face when you realize you are trapped and can’t talk your way out infinitely exciting. You wouldn’t want to deprive us of that, would you?


Now that you’ve read the beginner’s guide to captivity, give one of our Capture and Keep Mistresses a call, today!