Why Do I Capture Men?

Why do I capture men? I get asked this often, usually by the men I bring here. They say that one word a lot , “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” It’s usually followed by other words, but those change, the why is always what they want to know though. And I smile and answer, sometimes seriously, sometimes with whatever response I feel like giving at the time. Though really my favorite answer is “Why did you come home with me?”

That is the real question in my opinion. Why did you follow me back here? I’m smaller than these men, younger, wearing a mini skirt and high heels. There’s no way I can over power any of them, I’m certainly not able to strong arm them into doing anything. I don’t drag anyone kicking and screaming from a dance club.

They approach me as a matter of fact. Out on the dance floor, my body lost in the music, I feel a hand on my hip, one I didn’t ask for but there anyway, touching me, pressing their body to mine, telling me their name, buying me drinks. Sometimes they drink too, but I never try to ply them with alcohol, though they can’t say the same, seeing as they always want me to have just one more.

They ask where I live, offer to drive me home. I don’t carry a weapon other than my body and smile. They could easily out run me, as I mentioned, I always wear my heels! But they never try to run…not then. Not until much much later and sometimes never. After all, I’m just having fun.


What Makes Me Do It, Capture Men?

So, why do I do it? You’re still waiting for an answer on that aren’t you? You are still wondering what makes a soft spoken sexy young woman lure a man to her home and then take him to the pretty dungeon in her basement and try out her new toys on him. Well let me say that I never lure, not in my opinion, though that seems to be the general consensus among the guys.

Apparently wearing a short skirt or tight low slung jeans is casting a net to catch men. It couldn’t just be that I, like everyone else, enjoy looking good? Okay maybe it’s for the attention just a little bit, but in my opinion it’s totally your fault.

Yes men, I am talking to you! Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to go home with strangers? Women are told this all the time, we know not to go to a strange man’s house, especially not after only meeting him at the bar. But you guys don’t seem to know that.

You Deserve It, Don’t You?

Anyway, that’s part of why I like it! You deserve it. Usually you are hitting on me! You know what I mean, this isn‘t something you do on accident. You guys go out looking for a woman. Once you see me, well you just can‘t help yourself. Is it my fault? No!

You are ones touching me by “accidentally“ brushing against me, trying to get me drunk and we both know that is all because you are hoping to get in my pants. So when you end up at my house and maybe just maybe you realize that you are the one who has had too much to drink. And maybe you pass out. And maybe you wake up naked and strapped to a table in my sexy toy room. Well now whose fault is that really? *giggle*

For the Love of the Game

Okay why? Why not just ignore you or tell you no or leave you at the bar or even let you pass out on my sofa? Because it is so much more fun to capture you. I mean really when my choice is to do nothing or have some fun with you? You can’t seriously believe I would walk away from that kind of opportunity. Power is such a turn on. I get so hot and excited, just seeing you there, knowing you’ll wake up and be all MINE to play with!

That is your answer, or the best one you’ll get from me right now. Though if you see me at the bar some night, long hair falling down over my shoulders, smoky eyes and full lips sipping a drink, remember what I said. Walk over and ask me to dance, check out my ass, drive me home, use your best lines and have another drink. And maybe, when you wake up in my dungeon, if you ask me very nicely I’ll tell you more.