Cum As You Are Party Submissive Slaves


I planned and pulled off the most amazing Cum as You Are party for my submissive slaves a while back. It took some planning and a lot of secrecy and help, but in the end it was a great success. I got the idea from a party I went to as a senior in college. My friends hosted this party where people were literally pulled out of bed at 3AM no matter what they were doing or what they were wearing.

After the initial shock of being grabbed out of bed and forced to go to a party, it was so much fun. There were people there wearing nothing but blankets, or footy pajamas, which is worse in my opinion. Whether they had fun or not, the people that attended that gathering always remembered it.

I enjoyed it, so I thought it would be fun to have a Cum as You Are party with a twist for my slaves. First, I wanted it to be fun, so I chose the slaves I was going to have grabbed carefully. I had no intention of scaring anyone, but I wanted to use the ones who had a sense of humor about things. Then I went about making the necessary arrangements.


My Submissive Slaves are My Business


Most of my submissive slaves are in my tight knit community. I have been a Mistress for a long time and have made it my practice to know everyone who’s in my potential slave’s life. This makes it easier on me because I am a very demanding Mistress. Knowing the family of a slave also makes for a better slavery experience.

To me, it is a win-win situation. If a potential slave doesn’t agree with me knowing the other people in his life, then he will not be a good slave for me. The families must agree that what I demand as a Mistress comes first, with the exception of the slave’s work schedule. They sign an agreement with me as a matter of fact, stating that they will abide by this rule.

So I knew that when I called the family members of the chosen slaves, I would get cooperation. In all I contacted six families and was able to make plans to grab five. One had a prior work commitment. I swore them to secrecy also. The slaves must not know what was happening beforehand. That would ruin all the fun!


Grabbing The Submissive Slaves


Then I invited other people who weren’t slaves to be the “grabbers” for me. They would be the ones to go to the slaves’ houses and grab them and tie them up and bring them to my secret place. This was a special dungeon that I had borrowed from a fellow Mistress for the occasion. By the night of the party, all was set.

The “grabbing” went off without a hitch. One slave was taken out of his bedroom where he was trying to pleasure his wife. He thought that the house was being robbed and screamed until they stuck a ball gag in his mouth and dragged him out of the house naked and shoved him in the van.

The driver told him then what was going on and he relaxed and really enjoyed himself. The next two slaves were sleeping in their underwear when they were taken. They were startled awake but calm about the whole process, so neither needed to be gagged. The final two, closet cross dressers, were found and pulled out of their houses in pink and white lingerie respectively.

One screamed so loud that the neighbors called 911 and the police showed up at his door right after the van had loaded him up and left. The other had to be told quickly because he was so distraught and the drivers were afraid that he would suffer a heart attack.


Tied and Toyed With


But, in the end, it was all worth it to me and to the slaves. They were all blindfolded and brought into the room. They were tied up and “tortured” with whatever their favorite toy happened to be. Two of the men were made to suck cock, which was their favorite thing to be made to do.

There were whips, strap-ons, vibrators all being used at once. I’ll never forget what the sound of six orgasms all at one time. It was great. Everyone had lots of erotic, naughty fun. I loved it and I am planning to do it again at some point. But my slaves don’t know this. I will plan the party when they least expect it.


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