5 Reasons You Love Being a Captivity Slave


Here at Captivity Hell we know that you LOVE love love to be made into a captivity slave, having to relinquish all control. Be it a hardcore slave on his knees in chains or a sensual slave on his knees in emotional bondage, either way, you are captured and have no control of your own.

You know you deserve it, but why do you love it? Why do you need it? We have asked and here are the top five answers in no particular order!


Being a Captivity Slave Begins with Cock Control


Number one is Complete Cock Control, there are many forms of cock control and we know them all! But at captivity hell, is the ultimate form. This is accomplished in one of two ways. Either your cock is locked up and you know what that means! Chastity, a cock cage, all locked up and no way to stroke, this keeps you under control while a Mistress dangles a key from the chain around her neck and laughs at your frustration!

This is fun and keeps your cock under complete control, but it’s only one of the ways. The second, when you are captured is even more fun in some ways! Your hands are all tied up! That’s right, instead of locking up that cock, you love that you are chained up or tied down and no matter how much you want to, you can’t reach your cock to touch it at all! So much fun for us to watch you struggle too, by the way!


Losing Your Ability to Choose


The second answer we got often from you guys is that it’s fun to have no choices. You don’t have to make any decisions when you have been captured. Which is true! Once your Mistress has captured you, there isn’t anything you can do about it and no way for you to be the one deciding anything at all. I have to say that we like this one too.

Not that you don’t still try to comment or beg for things to go the way you want them to, but that’s part of the fun honestly. To know that you have no control and we could do anything at all we want to you. That actually brings us to answer number three, this one goes hand in hand for most people who have no control and aren’t able to make their own decisions.

The element of danger! Oh yes, you know that is part of the allure of being a captivity slave in captivity hell. The thought that once we have you restrained what you are hoping is a heavenly experience might be anything but that. What if your Mistress is in a bad mood and has decided that like it or no you’ll meet her big strap on tonight? Well you are all tied up and we already said you can’t make decisions, now you might be in danger as well, or your ass might be anyway. *laugh*

Captivity always has that element of danger in it, just based on the nature of the fetish. Being completely at the mercy of anyone else is always a little bit frightening, but that makes it all the more exciting for you I bet! That’s why the fourth answer you choose for why you love to be captured is that it is mysterious.

You have to wonder just what is going to happen to you. Even if you have previously discussed a scenario with your Mistress, once you are tied up or chained down she might add something or change something and you would just have to go along with it. Maybe she would leave the room, turn off all the lights and you’d be left wondering if and when she was returning and what she had planned.


Finally You are a Captivity Slave and all Control is Gone


This mystery bleeds into the final of the top five answers we got from you. The fact that really your Mistress is controlling everything. This means that leaving you along in the dark, naked and strapped in a sling is totally feasible should she get a phone call or have a nail appointment. You can’t stop her, you are, after all, all tied up.

Your Mistress can make the room hot or cold, remove your clothing, display you to friends or try out toys on you for her amusement. When you get a drink of water, it’s all at her discretion. Of course for us all play is always safe, sane and consensual, but isn’t it so much fun to pretend that it’s not.

We know you really can’t help worrying that once she has you all to herself your sexy Captivity Mistress won’t get just a little more sadistic than you’d bargained for, can you?