Captivity Hell Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+



Toll Free Number: 800-730-9391

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The funniest part of this is that you CHOSE to be here. No one made you enter my dungeon. It was all YOUR idea. Just that fact alone puts a cruel smile on my face and makes my whipping hand twitch.

This is not a place for soft submissives who want to be coddled and held. Not here. This is hell, and you are a penitent. Just don't count on any mercy from me. That is not what you need. You are here to be punished and punished you shall be.

Stripping your clothes from your body, I shove you to the floor and lock a collar around your neck. Moving quickly, I attach your collar to a heavy duty chain attached to the floor and another attached to the ceiling. Before you can wrap your head around your situation, you find yourself spread eagled and unable to move, let alone escape.

No one escapes this hell. If you are lucky, I release you ... when I am good and ready. You see I am sick to death of you arrogant, prick wielding, women bashing jerks. You truly think you are better because you have a piece of flesh dangling between your thighs. I am here to show you how very wrong you are. Here in hell, I reign supreme!

You are my supplicant. Here to take whatever I choose to dish out. Often it is precisely what you want in the darkest part of your soul. I see it. I know what you need and I will put you through hell to get you to submit to me, as you should. You sneer and call me sadistic. Little man, you have no idea.

I will find the words that go deep. That hurt you so much you will beg me to just cane you. I will whisper truths that cause you to gasp, whimper, and maybe even cry. I take full advantage; laying into your flesh, your mind, your very soul.

Truly I hope you look at my face and think, 'She looks sweet.' That will come back to haunt you as you cry for pity, looking up into my eyes while I spit in your face and twist your balls until you scream.



The world is full of “sensual mistresses”, and they have their place. But there are some submissives who want, need and crave something more sinister and sadistic. And there are some Dominas who find it impossible to muster any element of sensuality when it comes to the training and handling of submissive men. The later is our preference and philosophy at Interrogation Hell. We don’t feel “sensual” when a slave is kneeling at our feet. We don’t wish to share a tender moment with the kneeling pig. No, a subservient submissive illicits all kinds of cruel, mean feelings in the minds and hearts of the Mistresses of Hell. So if you need a Hell Mistress, this is where you belong.

Now “mean” is not about yelling and screaming and barking orders. There will be sessions with certain submissives that will require that—this we know. But more often “mean” involves something much more intricate, much deeper. The cruelest, most effective words and commands may be uttered in a voice no louder than a whisper. We are experts at gauging your needs, and handling you exactly as you need to be handled to maximize your subservience and obedience.

You may think you've experienced a Captivity Hell Mistress before. Maybe she sent you to bed without an orgasm. Maybe she made you whack your balls with a hairbrush. But true cruelty takes time and skill. We are willing to invest that time, and devote our vast skill, to your submission, your control, your demise.


Because we are very, very mean Mistresses. Check your sensuality at the door—there is no place for it here. There is only room for Hell.

Call 1-800-730-9391 for Telephone Training. Sessions are 2.75 per minute, with a minimum of 10 minutes.

You must be 18 or over to call.