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Hi there, Ms Becky here, ready to subject you to captivity hell. Did you think that you were a free boy, allowed to play and spray anytime you wanted to? Well I have fucking news for you- that cockmeat is about to be shoved into a cage and kept there- so I always know exactly where to find you. I know you want to pretend that you are just like the other boys, but we both know the truth- you crave to be held down, caged, and controlled like a little bitch. I know that you can't be trusted to not play with your cock and try to milk out all that seed like a pathetic fucking whore- but no worries, that's why I am going to lock you, so you aren't tempted to be a naughty nasty hand fucker. Cause you would, wouldn't you? Reach down there inbetween your legs and start stroking that dirty nasty meatstick as soon as I wasn't looking, make a sticky cummy mess everywhere.

Don't you want to make me happy, sweet boy? Don't you want to learn how to be a good fucking subby boy for me? You can't do that will a free range cock, I'll tell you that much. No, boys like you belong pussy free and in a cage lest your silly boy brain tells you to rub one out without permission, yeah? So until you can get some fucking control over that swollen, leaky man cunt, in the cage is where you'll stay.

Did you know that when you are caged long term, it can permanently shrink that cock? Isn't that simply a delicious idea? Shrinking that cock into gooey little nublet that no women will ever want to ride- bffr, there weren't any takers as is LOL. There are even reports of people formerly known as male being unable to even get that bubblegum stick hard!

So you've been warned, yes? If I want you to have a tiny fucking little nublet, soft as bubblegum, unable to do anything but twitch and dribble, that's exactly what you'll have. Understood?

I am available for calls, texting sessions via Skype or one way video calls so I can verify that you are exactly where you belong, locked up and at my mercy. Follow me on Twitter too.





The Difference Between Sensual Mistresses and Captivity Hell Mistresses


There is nothing quite like the Mistresses here at Captivity Hell. We are capture and keep Mistresses and not typically known for being sensual. The world is full of “sensual mistresses”, and they have their place. But there are some submissives who want, need and crave something more sinister and sadistic.

There are some Dominas who find it impossible to muster any element of sensuality when it comes to the training and handling of submissive men.  That’s why they are here. At Captivity Hell  the latter is our preference and philosophy when it comes to Interrogation and Captivity Hell. We don’t feel “sensual” when a slave is kneeling at our feet. We don’t wish to share a tender moment with the kneeling pig. No, a subservient submissive illicits all kinds of cruel, mean feelings in the minds and hearts of the Mistresses of Captivity Hell. So if you need a Captivity Hell Mistress, this is where you belong.

Now, “mean” is not about yelling and screaming and barking orders at sumissives. There will be sessions Captivity Hell Mistresses have with certain submissives that will require that—this we know. But more often “mean” involves something much more intricate, much deeper. The cruelest, most effective words and commands may be uttered in a voice no louder than a whisper. We are experts at gauging your needs, and handling you exactly as you need to be handled to maximize your subservience and obedience.

You may think you’ve experienced a Captivity Mistress before. Maybe she sent you to bed without an orgasm. Maybe she made you whack your balls with a hairbrush. But true cruelty takes time and skill. We are willing to invest that time, and devote our vast skill, to your submission, your control, your demise.


Because we are very, very mean Mistresses. Check your sensuality at the door—there is no place for it here. There is only room for Hell.